Mindfulness of body

Exercise to be fit, not skinny . Eat to nourish your body and Enjoy the healthy habits. You are worth more than you realise.


We all spend more time with our head than our body and we actually get disconnected from it. Our life is kicking with energy and is constantly changing. There is a close relationship between our physical senses and emotions.

Often we have a sinking feeling in our stomach when we are worried, our heart pounds when scared, we feel weight on our shoulders when stressed. Our body also feels and responds to our emotions along with the mind.

Observe what body part hurts or gets affected when you feel a certain emotion.When we pay more attention , we are more connected with it and its needs. More awareness makes us more capable to regulate our thoughts and emotions.

Being mindful of body is about being aware of it , being more connected with it and also working with it from inside out.

How to be mindful about body

It is not only about creating an awareness of emotions and physical changes but a wholesome approach where we need to be mindful about:

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